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Interested in providing experimental services or collaborations to the scientific community? You’ve come to the right place!
Use this page to learn more about how to become a provider on Otto and list experimental services or collaborations on Otto’s marketplace.

Providers could include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Contract Research Organizations
  • Core Facilities
  • Academic Researchers
  • Life Sciences Companies
  • Citizen Scientists
  • Educators

Welcome to Selling on Otto!

At Otto, we’re focused on making scientific outsourcing and collaboration as straightforward as possible. We want buyers to access a wide range of scientific services with transparent pricing. This is precisely why providers like yourself are so crucial! As a provider on Otto, your participation in the marketplace gives buyers access to cutting-edge resources,  competitive pricing, and outstanding service. You empower others on the frontlines of discovery. Your diligence,  transparency, and speed are central to both the pursuit of “team science” and Otto’s vision of a brighter future. 

Some Benefits of Selling on Otto

Better Marketing

Advertise your experimental services to a larger audience.

Unlock New Revenue Streams

Got lab equipment you’re not using all the time? Don't let it collect dust, put it’s services on Otto and earn a return by putting it to use.

Recover Costs

Recover costs from expensive, underutilized, and/or depreciating equipment.

How to Start Selling on Otto

Before you start selling experimental services on Otto, you’ll first need to create a user account and set up your payout preferences. This is a fairly quick process, just follow the instructions below.

Creating a User Account

  1. Click “Sign up” in the upper-right corner of the marketplace home page.

  2. Enter your email address, first name, last name, and create a secure password. Then review the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and check the “I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy” checkbox.

  3. Verify your email address

Congratulations! After these three easy steps you’ve created your own Otto account. We recommend that you further customize your profile by adding a location (for instance, this could be a city or institution), profile picture, and an about section. These details aren’t required but can help people find your products/services faster. 

Setting up Your Account to Receive Payouts

Next you need to set up the payout preferences for your user account, so you can receive payments from buyers.
  1. Hover your mouse over your profile Icon at the top-right of the marketplace page (located next to the “+Post a New Listing” button). Then select the “Settings” tab that appears while hovering.

  2. Click the “Payments” tab.

  3. Provide the full name, birth date, address, phone number and last 4 digits of their SSN of the person who will be managing this Otto account (e.g. a company representative may manage an Otto account on behalf of an organization–such as a CRO–if given proper permissions by their organization). Then add the routing number and account number of the person or organization being paid for services rendered.

At this point, you should receive a message which states that your account details have been saved successfully and will be verified by Stripe, our PCI-compliant payment processor. This verification usually takes a few minutes.
And that’s it! You now have an Otto account that is set to receive payments from buyers.
  • Otto’s marketplace allows sellers (this is you!) to list experimental services and post announcements.
  • Experimental services are typically fee-for-service listings, ie. buyers request a vendor performs a specific set of experimental protocols.
  • In some cases, this may be as simple as a characterization experiment (e.g., H1 NMR characterization of a chemical sample). In other cases, the experimental request may be more complex (e.g., assay development).
  • Announcements – vendors like yourself can post announcements to let other users know if you’re either open to collaborations generally or are searching for a more specific collaboration.

Listing Products/Services

  1. Click the “+Post a New Listing” button in the upper-right corner of the marketplace.

  2. Select the “All Experiments” category. Then select the sub-category that best relates to the product/service you are listing. If you can’t find a relevant sub-category, select “other”.

  3. Create a listing title that best describes the product/service concisely. 

  4. Enter a price for the product or service. If price per sample, hour, day, night, week, or month don’t apply to your product/service then select price per unit and define the unit in the first sentence of the listing’s detailed description. If the product/service is listed at a starting price and will require a quote then select the price per unit option and use the detailed description to further clarify that the listing is a starting price and which factors may influence the final price or a product/service. Currently, the minimum price for a listing is $3.50.

  5. Enter relevant keywords, a detailed description, and a location (can be a city or institution) for the listing. 

  6. If you’d like, add a relevant image to the listing.

After you’ve created a listing, other users on the platform may reach out to you directly or post questions in the “Public Discussion” section of your listing. You can use the “Public Discussion” section of your listing like an FAQ section.

Posting an Announcement (Collaboration)

  1. Click the “+Post a New Listing” button in the upper-right corner of the marketplace. 

  2. Select the “Collaborations” category. Then selecting the “Open to Collaborations” sub-category.

  3. Create a listing title that best describes the collaborative efforts that you’re willing to provide.

  4. Enter a detailed description that describes what kind of collaboration you’re open to. Then add a location (can be a city or institution) for the listing as well.

  5. If you’d like, add a relevant image to the listing.

“Active Requests for Collaboration” can be used to actively search for specific kinds of collaborators whereas “Open to Collaboration” announcements let others know that you’re open to collaborating on certain topics.

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Keys to a Successful Listing

Transparent Pricing

Transparent pricing empowers buyers and is one of Otto's distinguishing features from other scientific service marketplaces. Every listing requires a price even if it's just a starting price. For listings that use a starting price, use the description to explain more (e.g. provide average, median, or previous year pricing data).

Clear Description

A good listing description is detailed yet concise. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes to understand what information should be conveyed. Consider providing supplementary info about sample/material shipping instructions, instrumentation, pricing, typical timeline, and your experience performing these services.

Full Profile & Responsiveness

Timely responsiveness to buyer inquiries and keeping your profile up-to-date are crucial to establishing trust and approachability as a provider. We recommend responding to inquiries within 1-3 days and stating any relevant certifications/accreditations (e.g. CLIA, CAP) in your profile. Your location (e.g. city, institution) may also be an important element to consider

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent provider questions and answers

Why should I list services on Otto?

Listing your services on Otto can provide multiple benefits:
  1. Advertise your experimental services to a larger audience.
  2. Recoup costs from expensive, underutilized, and/or depreciating equipment.
  3. Generate alternative revenue streams from excess capacity.

Does it cost money to be a provider?

Nope! Otto takes a small buyer-side commission fee from each transaction which means that you as a provider are not charged a service fee. 
It also doesn’t cost money to create a listing and there’s no limit to the number of listings you’re allowed to create. 
Learn more about how Otto works in the How It Works or Terms & Policies pages.

Who should I contact for specific questions about providing services on Otto?

Otto’s team is always happy to talk with providers to better understand their specific situation, needs, and questions. Feel free to contact us here. 

How long does it take for funds to transfer from a buyer to my account?

Funds are released to providers from Stripe (our PCI-compliant payment processor) once the buyer has marked the transaction as “complete”. Transactions will automatically be marked as complete after 85 days. You can learn more about how Otto’s transaction process works on the How It Works page. 

Is there a window of time in which a listing purchased by a buyer must be completed?

Yes, Otto’s current platform requires that purchased listings be marked as “complete” by the buyer, within 85 days of the request being accepted by the provider. If you’d like to list services that require over 90 days to complete, feel free to get in touch with us here

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