Our Mission

Slow science costs lives. On average it takes 17 years for data in the lab to end up at the patient’s bedside. This pace is unacceptable. At Otto, we want the future of robust, reliable science to come sooner rather than later. We believe in collaboration, innovation, and bettering the human condition. 

Some of the best science happens when the scientific community works together. Otto provides unique solutions to advance science and discovery. 
The world is a complex place but you’re not alone!
Otto was envisioned and developed by two scientists who understood a brutal reality: slow science costs lives.
Noticing several unaddressed barriers in the scientific research process, they decided to solve them.
Since its inception, Otto has dedicated itself to facilitating swift and reliable science. Through support from the National Science Foundation’s Innovation-Corps program and many generous accelerator programs, Otto has continued forward with its vision.
Otto envisions a brighter future where science never sleeps and rapid innovation improves the lives of everyone globally.


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